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The ABM Enterprise Service Center is looking for a self-motivated individual who wants to grow and take their career to the next level. This person will be given an opportunity to have hands-on experience in the day-to-day transactional accounting function of ABM within a shared service environment.
This position is responsible for managing and providing strategic program direction to the Revenue Accounting team within the Enterprise Service Center (ESC). This position leads a team in their interactions with Operations, Accounting Managers, and internal stakeholders; ensures that software and other tools are available and functional to efficiently and effectively process accounting transactions; ensures that process flows and accountabilities are clearly defined and followed to maintain strong internal controls and safeguard the assets of ABM Industries; manages a team that oversees the processing of accounting records; develops standardized qualifications and job descriptions for Record-to-Report personnel; ensures that appropriate accounting related training is provided; ensures that appropriate benchmarks are in place to monitor performance of personnel and systems; and oversees process improvement efforts.